The Glitter Cream Supreme Tape

by The Stolen Organ Family

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If you’re ready to venture on a musical journey that is unlike anything you’ve ever heard before , then we highly recommend you listen to each and every track off this Vancouver-based band’s new album The Glitter Cream Supreme Tape - Rex Manning Day Music Blog

The Glitter Cream Supreme Tape was complied and sequenced from The Stolen Organ Family's favorite recordings on their BOSS-864 8 Track between September and December of 2012. A futuristic odyssey through the rainbow of black dreams, it's the Stolen Organs fuzziest, tastiest and most synthtastic album to date, fully flexing the beefy muscle of their 5 fabulous pieces.

This album is 44 minutes long, and includes: 4 singers, soaring space synth, Big Muff guitar pedals, canned violins, bass flange, greasy girls, oily boys, Glenn Danzig, robot war, boogie woogie, phased vocals, a pair of ripping solos, bass clean, Christian guilt, filthy sex, publication slandering, paramour pandering, drum machine, tambourine and acoustic guitar.

Conor Mack, Kelly Badger, Devin "Baby Boy" Bass, Bella McKee, Tyler Boissonnault and Alex Zandersticks are The Stolen Organ Family Band. Thanks to The Mayor of Chicago, Jeremy Evers, for additional mixing and mastering.


released March 22, 2013

Upcoming Shows...

April 9th, The Electric Owl, Rent Cheque Jello Wrestling
Previous shows.....

January 10th, Aftermath, w/ Yes Men, Jr., MALK (Abbotsford)

February 18th The Electric Owl, w/ R. Stevie Moore, The Memories

March 15th, The Gropps Gallery (ragtime performace)

March 22nd, The Zoo Zhop ( The Glitter Cream Supreme album release)
w/ JOhnny de Courcy & The Death Rangers, Indians Wars

March 31rst The Zoo Zhop w/ The Martyr Index, Antiparty, Eight Hand Crow

April 12th, Fernando's w/ JOhnny de Courcy, Smilin' Ari Cipes (Kelowna)

April 18th, The Electric Owl w/ Beach Day, Chains Of Love

May 4th, The Copper Owl w/The Hisses, Crunt & The Slunts, Bloody Wilma (Victoria)

May 5th, CFUV On Air (Victoria)

May 11th May Melt Music Festival, Sunalta Com. Centre (Calgary)

May 10th, Bohemia w/Jessica Jalbert, This HIsses (Edmonton)

May 17th Beatroute Shakeout Festival, Emmedia Center

May 18th High River

September 4th The Arcade, Kelowna

September 5th Kooteny Co-Op Radio, Nelson

September 5th, The Palamino w/ Deadhorse

September 14th The Root, Lloydminster

September 15th The Wunderbar, Edmonton

October 18th, The Rickshaw w/The Psychic Alliance, Little Saigon

October 24th The Zoo Zhop w/ Hole IN My Head, Les Chausettes

October 26th The Woods w/ Still Creek Murder

October 31st The SPirit Bar, Nelson



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The Stolen Organ Family Vancouver, British Columbia

The psychedelic hillbillies The Stolen Organ Family gallop across the thirsty landscape of the Western sound; a melodious soundtrack of misanthropy and joy reaching out from the dusty purple wake. Lauded in FFWD, Beatroute and Discorder, the Stolen Organ have been and will always be the unstoppable and uncompromising ambassadors of the psychedelic country space from fair British Columbia. ... more

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Track Name: Glenn
This is what you get when you call upon the beast
A blood feast in Green Hell when you try to sleep
I who was an innocent, white as the lily
All my friends loved Danzig, but not me

What is this that that stands behind me when I turn around?
I cannot hide from his black eyes and I am always found
He will make a gate, of your misery
Everybody's loving Danzig, but not me

There's a demon in the stream, baby
You're the one who let him in, darlin'
If you survive you can be my bride
But know that we will call the baby Glenn

I was once a wholesome, rainbow loving man
Till the black hand came, and now I'll never love again
No colors do I see, and beauty's just a memory
The joy of the sky, invisible to demon eyes
For I am, for I am, for I am my own son

Will you laugh when the wolf comes to your door?
When he savages your first born will you be laughing then?
And when you see the blood will you know that it is real?
Will you learn your lesson, before your skin is peeled?

There's a demon in the stream, baby
You're the one who let him in, darlin'
If you survive you can be my bride
But know that we will call the baby Glenn
Track Name: Blue Piano
Happy wifey, floors a wipey, bob cut and an apron that's me
Till' I seen a, handsome fellah, playing organ on my TV
I fell down on my knees, and couldn't understand
But now I loved this man, I called my sisters in

Korla baby, you drive me crazy, you got me sittin' in the back of the bar
Salivatin', perspiratin', waitin' on you to take me by the arm
Did you get the blue piano, did you find them black panties?
Somethin' real, special for you, so you know that U'm pleased to please
Don't know what you did kid
But if you didn't want it then you should have hid
That's right, yes, wrap it up, sending all my love to you

Angry pappy, he ain't happy, so he took away my TV
But I gotta, give my baby, gotta give my baby what he needs
Give you money give you honey give you kisses coffee candy and car keys (car keys)
Need your blue light so bad, take it all you can have it
I called my sisters in!

Darling, I know that you're married
That don't matter much to me
No ring, no paper, and no party
Cause when you sing, you sing for me
Tell me my love, tell me it's true
Bathe me in blue
Leave me in an ivory bed
Tell me you'll love me instead, oh baby
You know I've been good to you, sho' nuff
You know I've been good to you

Korla baby, you drove me crazy, you got me sittin in the back of the bus
Blue light in burnin, truck is turnin', into a castle
Is this our new, life together? Is this the place where we can be happy
Tell me baby, when are you coming, blue light is fading and I need you
Kid, need you to do what you used to did
That's right, yes, wrap it up, sendin' all my love to you
Track Name: Blue Hell
It is queer to be lonely, I ain't been lonely in very long
Now it seems, even evil has it's dreams, why did you do it daddy?
Was I so wrong? And who will love me now?

The man with the whip, the king of all shit with the world in his grip
The one who strips the flesh of fabulous lovers
Harems of succubi, fields of goat, a river of blood with you as a boat
It used to be so sweet, but now I'm burning

Believe, when I say, I gets lonely everyday
I don't wanna live in blue hell no more

Strange as it seems I'm tired of the scene
So daddy if you wanna know
I don't wanna live in blue hell no more

Had a girl called Persephone, loves her six times, then she left me
Tried Brutus and Judas, tried Lizzy and Vlad
It was good for a while, but it ended so bad

I gutted them softly, and cried when I did
The last time I loved was that curly haired kid
None could light my fire, quite like Caligula

Ooo, though they bow, I gets lonesome anyhow
I don't wanna live in blue hell no more

Been in the lake so long thought I ache I'm tired of being a whore
So daddy please take pity on me
I don't want to live in blue hell no more
Track Name: When I Touch Your Screws
We are what is cool, for the sound of synth insatiable
A little touch of blue, put our stamp on you
We are what is cool

True to the school, of rockers who are beautiful
Pitchfork makes the rules, we are Pitchfork's tools
We are what is cool

We are what is cool, but this burning love is unstable
What is true today, soon it's gone away
For what is now cool

Do we have a taste, for flavours that are horrible?
What would Wolf bands do, without your review?
We are what is cool

When did the humans lose? Fallen to the turntable?
Cause if you go for roots you don't bring your dancing shoes
Now we are the fools

I cannot be cool, and I will die miserable
If I get confused, I reach above your shoes
And I touch your screws

Track Name: Pussyface Pt. 1
D-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-drippin' all over the place

When you think of me, I forget get to cross my T's.
And forget to close my eyes, flies swarm by and then they die.
Fingers slick and deep, when you speak I start to seep.
And the day that we shall meet, we'll begin to feel the heat.

Let's drink tonight, super-soakin' the place.
Me. And. My

D-d-d-d-d-d-d-d-drippin' all over the place

Pool of orange and white, its a creamsicle delight.
Tulips so plump and ripe, we're a wet and sloppy sight.
Seeping through the ground, ripping seams you hear a sound.
What was lost can now be found, from the moisture of my mound.

Let's drink tonight, super-soakin' the place.
Me. And. My. Puuuussssy
Track Name: Pussyface Pt. 2
Every saturday when the others go away
I get together with the one I lick
Gots to have it gots to have it right now
Feel it press down till' I get sick

What do I want? What do I love?
How can I ask you, to treat me as such?
All the cruel things, do them to me
Do you like it too or is it just charity, pussy?

Is there a thing, that you like to do
But nobody's inviting and nobody will ask you
Then suddenly somebody, really really wants you to
They really want you to

Happy day, you have found Pussyface
And underneath her kiss you have finally found your place
The smiling bottom bitch, without a stich of shame in his face
Or any other place (Vamp!)

Run, run, run to Pussyface
Jump, jump, jump into the lake
Up and down until you drown, now you're whole
Now you are reborn
Baptize, baptize, bruised face, bloody thighs
Short breath, blindness, all wet, oh my, little death
That's how I wanna die (and that's why)

I just can't wait till tomorrow
I'm gonna stretch a little, and get a good nights sleep
Till at last, the world turning black,
Together once again, Oh Lord Amen
But I gotta wait a week, it makes me wanna weep
I can't sleep
Track Name: Automated Lover
Why won't you talk about it?
That bleeding secret kept away.
Aware of things departed.
time chimes, as life's discarded.

That pocket on your breast,
it hides a key. that secret's me.
You turn it at your leisure,
Am I just your pleasure?

Oh, I can wait a day.
A million go by, even more.
When every man's heroics is destined to decay.


You animals are weak,
like a kiss upon the cheek.
Give me what I want!
'Cause I'm the thing she crave.
Don't think that I know shame...
Everyone will suffer when the world's reduced to flame.

You know I see your conscience through a cybernetic stream
I'll be your automated love, give exactly what you need.

Lets get it on, and feel the shudder of a heartbeat on machine.
Twisted in the very nature of a dream

You best now strip that leather lest you burn down on the street,
but instead you grow thirsty and you leave

Why don't you see when you leave, I've nothing to conviece,
I'm shut down in the closet waiting patiently
For the day to go by, when all other men die.

When cities start to crumble,
and there's no one left to try.

When the constant smoke of struggle,
sits like charcoal in the sky.

You know that you're in trouble,
but your hunger makes you cry.

The automated lover will survive.
The automated lover will arise.
Track Name: Destroying The Past 2 Save The Future
I don't care much for photographs, they're good for a laugh
But nothing moooooooooooooooooooore
I won't stop and reminisce, just to talk about when we was kids
That was good! Remember this? What's come is gone for sure
I don't mean to disappoint you, but I don't recall
Your face at all or anything about you

Destroying the past to save the future......

Cutting on the edge of the knife, it's so far away!
When I was a young man, I couldn't move to think of her so I
Destroyed the past to save the future

Killing every moment, every second every day
No, no I can't remember
I took out that part of my brain but I
I could get to know you
How you is not how you was before
Destroying the past to save the future

How I love to live this way, to wake a stranger every day
Am I a shy boy am I happy, do I prefer smooth to crunchy
So I spit on history, monuments, memories
Degouter de la nostalgie, baby moi je suis ennui
I don;t mean to disappoint you, but I don't recall
Them days at all, and now I must leave you
Track Name: We Played A Bad Show
We played a bad show, be glad you didn't go
It was a bad show, and we will stay unknown
But what a shame for those who came because they will not come again
It was a bad show

We played a bad show, nobody understood
It was a bad show, take it back if I could
But what I shame for those who came cause' they'll never really know
It was a bad show

In my dreams I can see
Children holding pictures of me
And I wanna love them back, but I'm gone
And for a while I was not ashamed
But now I feel it coming on again
It was a bad show

We'll play again, for family and a few friends
Play again, with no leads and no low end
Cause' the last time was the last time, and now I'm all alone
It was a bad show

When you're gone, how can I even try to go on?
When you're gone, though I try I just can't carry on